I know how you kiss. I'd have gone after her.
i'm lauren!
i'm a college student from iowa. i watch too much tv, i have an unhealthy fascination with love stories, i'm a perfectionist, a procrastinator, i think medicine is the coolest, and i greatly enjoy summertime.

i tried not to be a fandom blog, but it just happened so i'm gonna roll with it
  •  "…suffice to say that we reached the point where science and technology have advanced at such an exponential rate for so long, it may be way beyond our ability to regulate and control them. you should know what you’re getting into agent dunham."

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    how to walk like a queen [x]

    This is the best acting lesson I have every seen in my life



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    What got me the most was the incredible sincerity O’Donoghue gave to each line. Hook isn’t acting out of sheer bravado; it’s been established that he and Emma understand each other, and he knows that if he continues to be the honorable man that loving her has helped him become once again, he will win her heart. (x)

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    Honestly though, Colin does such an amazing job. I don’t see Hook when I see Colin in Interviews and normal pictures because he has the incredible talent to really give his character a unique persona, and it’s just so phenomenal. Even his voice, idk if it’s just me, but it TOTALLY changes when he’s “Hook” I am mind boggled by that man’s talent and overall representation of the character. *all the awards*

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  • Survey #41

    Bold what’s true :)

    I tend to feel surprised when people find me attractive.
    The last person I text messaged is attractive.
    The last person I Facebook messaged is attractive.
    I’ve kissed someone with blue eyes. (*maybe?? idk)
    I’ve kissed someone with brown eyes. 
    People are always telling me I need to have more self-confidence.
    There is a member of the opposite sex on my mind.
    Loud people sometimes scare me a little bit.
    Generally, I tend to get on better with quiet people.
    I laughed very hard today.
    I’ve had a crush on a friend’s brother/sister.
    I’m wearing something green.
    I’m shy, and I feel like people sometimes mistake it for ignorance.
    I spoke to the person I’m interested in today.
    I have someone of the opposite sex that I can talk to about anything.
    I’m over 18.
    Lindt chocolate is amazing.
    Generally, I’m nice to everyone 
    My shampoo has a fruity scent.
    I think spider’s webs look cool.
    I’ve never dyed my hair.
    There is no chocolate in my house 
    My mum’s name begins with D.
    My dad’s name begins with M.
    My mum has brown eyes.
    My dad has blue eyes.
    I care too much about what other people think of me.
    I drink more tea than coffee.
    I overthink a lot of things.
    I’ve seen my mum cry before, but never my dad.
    It annoys me when someone mentions their boyfriend/girlfriend on every single Facebook status.
    I heard a song today that reminded me of someone.
    I don’t chew my pens, but I have a friend who does.
    I like to be kissed on my forehead.
    My eyes are probably my best feature; I get a lot of compliments about them.
    My handwriting is quite neat.
    I like Coca Cola.
    I like Pepsi.
    I like Dr Pepper.
    My underwear is patterned.
    I’ve taken someone’s virginity.
    I’ve had a haircut in the past month.
    I dislike getting text messages that say “lol”.
    I’ve sang in front of an audience before.
    I currently miss someone of the opposite sex.
    I slept alone last night. 
    I’ve kissed someone named Peter.
    I love to cuddle.
    Someone/something disappointed me today.
    I’m wearing something in my favourite colour.
    I have a Facebook.
    I have a Twitter.
    I never had MySpace or Bebo.
    I have more than 200 friends on Facebook.
    I have more than one blog on Tumblr.
    People from Tumblr sometimes add me on Facebook.
    My personal blog has more than 500 followers.
    I synced my iPod today.

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    i feel like mindy kaling is always giving amazing “showin up at ex boyfriend’s wedding lookin flawless” looks

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    Milky Way

    The Milky Way, captured at the Baltic Sea, August 2014

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